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How ProcessIt! is being used by others
ProcessIt! is hard at work in organizations around the world. Below are a few examples of how it's being used...

ProcessIt! is being used by many of the world's largest and best-known organizations in the automobile, pharmaceutical, chemical, consumer products and financial industries. Because of its inherent flexibility, ProcessIt! has been tasked by these organizations for all kinds of applications. Below are a few examples of the breadth of actual real world applications:

Consumer products: At one of the world's largest consumer products companies, a ProcessIt!-based application is used to control the movement of Notes databases between company's Development and Test server environments and, once they are fully approved and tested, onto the company's live application servers. ProcessIt! not only gathers the approval to move databases from one server to another, it does the actual database migration including resetting Access Control Lists and propagating database replicas to multiple servers. In an environment with more than 70,000 Notes users, ProcessIt! has reduced the time required by System Administrators to move and set up new databases from approximately 10 minutes to less than a minute. With hundreds of database migration requests each month, the time savings in this process is very real and allows administrators to concentrate on other more pressing issues.

Chemical manufacturing: The world's largest producer of formaldehyde uses a ProcessIt!-based system to interface with SAP to authorize, implement, document and monitor critical maintenance changes to the company's chemical manufacturing facilities around the world. Typical processes involve automatically moving data back and forth between Notes and SAP four or more times, gathering approvals at several different steps in the process (authorize doing the work, approve the work that was done, etc.), monitoring the creation and implementation of training plans, managing updates to procedural documentation, monitoring the completion of Pre-Startup Safety Review items, and more. By using this system the company is able to both insure that critical safety-related procedures are followed and at the same time document all of the work done for OSHA and EPA oversight reporting.

Teamwork Solutions' ProcessIt! 8.0Charitable organizations: More than 250 employees and volunteers at a regional division of a major national not-for-profit organization report each day's work using a ProcessIt!-based workflow. Each day the system pro-actively sends a request for time-reporting to each user's Notes mailbox at the end of their respective workdays. Users report both total working hours (plus time off, sick leave and/or vacation time) as well as associating the day's work with one or more internal projects.

Reported time is collected in two-week increments and then automatically sent to the employees' managers for review, correction and approval before being sent on to accounting for both payroll and cost accounting purposes. This system processes more than 4,000 individual workflow steps a day--that's more than 1,000,000 workflow steps per year. Because time is now reported on a daily basis (previously it was only reported once every two weeks), the quality of reporting is significantly better. Plus, since all of the data collection and accumulation which was previously done by hand is now done automatically, the accounting department has freed-up one full head-count for other work.

Pharmaceutical manufacturing: A billion-dollar division of one of the world's largest pharmaceutical conglomerates was unable to complete the move of all its users from OfficeVision to Notes because of 55 OV forms (with associated workflows) which were still being used across the organization. The company selected ProcessIt! as the mechanism for moving all of these forms from OV to Notes. In just 60 days, all 55 forms and 55 workflows were recreated in a single Notes database by a single developer, allowing the company to complete its Notes migration.

Chemical research & development: A major chemical production facility uses ProcessIt! to track and manage "imperfect inventory" (i.e., out-of-specification production output) totalling nearly 3,000,000 pounds per year. Using ProcessIt!, each of these items are logged, routed to the appropriate lab, and then corrected and/or combined with other products to turn otherwise unusable product into saleable items. At average per-pound product costs of approximately $0.20, this represents a recapture to the company in excess of $500,000 per year (from an application that was delivered for less than $15,000).

Automobile manufacturing: A major european auto manufacturer uses ProcessIt! to manage employee vehicle requests, a job which previously required one-and-a-half dedicated resources. The company's employees can request new company vehicles from an internal web site and have those requests automatically routed throughout the organization for review, approval and fulfillment.

Not-for-profit organizations: A major national not-for-profit organziation converted a wide variety of paper-based forms to ProcessIt! workflows for an internal "eForms" application. This application is the organization's central repository of forms for everything from Airline and Hotel Payment Authorizations to Personnel Exit forms and Facilities Service Requests. In this, and the organization's other ProcessIt!-enabled databases, all of the workflows have been built to reference a common organizational database which holds information about each employee's supervisor, job classification, pay grade, etc. This information is used in varying ways to determine correct workflow routing based on specific conditions in the various requests.

Pharmaceutical / nutritional sales: One of the country's largest makers of nutritional supplements implemented a ProcessIt!-based system to manage a new telemarketing-based sales organization targeted at a specific market segment that was too small for the company's regular salesforce to handle efficiently. The company developed a detailed multi-contact marketing program to introduce their products to customers currently using competitor's products. Using ProcessIt!'s looping, delayed Teamwork Productstask, conditional routing and other capabilities, telemarketers are guided through the entire sales process in a structured and consistent manner.

By keeping each of the telemarketers on a common program with planned events, scheduled follow-ups and other related tasks, the system is able to generate and report meaningful metrics to management which, in turn, is able to quickly tweak the process to improve customer response rates. Since the entire sales cycle is managed from a single ProcessIt! configuration form, any changes made to that form are immediately propagated across all open client processes allowing management to change entire segments of the process in just minutes. The system has been extremely successful in opening previously-neglected accounts (the company will not provide exact sales information) and has now been extended to target other types of customers served by competitors throughout the country.

Customer service: One of the main R&D facilities for a major chemical manufacturer uses ProcessIt! to request, organize and track requests for Technical Service from its five North American laboratories. These requests are generally made by clients or prospective clients prior to either placing orders for new products or changing from another vendor. Because of this direct correlation to sales, requests are reviewed not only by the company's technical staff, but also by sales and marketing managers who prioritize the requests based on the importance of the client, potential sales volume and other related issues to ensure that the organization's laboratories are working on the "right" things to drive maximum sales.

Within the labs, the actual technical analyses and reporting procedures are managed by the same ProcessIt! workflow, including feedback to the requester, assignment of technicians, etc. The system, which has been in place for more than two years now, has focused everyone from the sales staff to lab technicians on doing the things that make money for the company. At the same time, all participants can see exactly where any given request is and when it is likely to be completed. The company is currently planning the next extension of this system to allow clients to access the system directly via the web to enter and check on their own technical service requests.

The Bottom Line

In all of the examples above, and in countless others NOT mentioned here, administration and modification of these workflows is being done by either departmental executives (most examples) or by lower-level Notes developers. Each of these workflows is regularly adjusted to improve service, reflect organizational changes or optimize functionality, yet IS staffs are seldom involved in making the changes. The ease of setup and administration of ProcessIt!'s workflows makes it such that important workflow processes such as those described here can be created and administered quickly and easily by almost anyone.

ProcessIt! represents a breakthrough for electronic workflow, and a validation of Domino's undisputed leadership as an enterprise workflow platform. ProcessIt! is the first workflow tool to work entirely without proprietary external engines, with no need for additional client licensing requirements and which makes sophisticated workflows possible without the need to understand complex programming by ANYONE in the organization.

With ProcessIt!, it really is easy to build and maintain workflows in Notes.

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