Teamwork Solutions' team has more experience with workflow tools for Lotus Notes and Domino than anyone else anywhere, period. Members of our team have built three, count 'em three, workflow tool products for Lotus Notes: QDM's Quality At Work (1989), Teamwork Solutions' ApproveIt! (1995) and of course, ProcessIt! (originally released in 1997). If you are hoping to purchase a workflow tool that's been designed to work in the real world from someone who can help you use it correctly, look no further: Teamwork Solutions is your premiere workflow consulting firm.
The ProcessIt! 10-minute workflow demonstration
See it for yourself. With just a Notes client and a few minutes of spare time you, too, can be a workflow designer

Everybody claims to have the best workflow tools. Or the fastest. Or the easiest-to-use.

We think ours is pretty great, too. But rather than simply bragging about it, we'll show you.

In less than 10 minutes, using ProcessIt!, we'll start from a blank database, get it properly set up and build the entire workflow diagrammed below, including the form.

Hard to believe? Download the movie and see for yourself just how quick and easy it is to build workflow applications with ProcessIt!

From the diagram, you can see that this is more than a simple two- or three-step workflow.

It has several routing variations, it has requirements for user interaction, it uses customized messaging, and more.

In other words, it's not like the imaginary workflows most demos show. Instead, it's like the workflows you actually have to build when you get back to the office.

Imagine if you could deliver a workflow like this in less than a day. Or maybe, in less than an hour.

How is it possible?

It's possible because ProcessIt! was designed from the ground up to work for real people in real situations.

It was built right out there on the front line by a concentrated team of developers working side-by-side with actual live clients. With actual live requirements.

The result was a realistic, flexible, useable tool for folks who have to actually build and manage workflow applications day in and day out--not just during trade-show-floor demos.

Can you actually build real workflows from scratch in 10 minutes when you get back to your office? Probably not. As you'll see in the video, we had to go pretty fast to get it all in.

And, to be honest, the ten minutes doesn't include all the upfront time that goes into talking to end users, planning the forms, arguing over the workflow and everything else that goes into a real project. But what it does show is that you can build actual, powerful, useful workflows quickly. Just as importantly, you can revise workflows quickly, too.

Our clients are companies you'd know. The world's largest consumer products company. Several automobile manufacturers. Some of the world's largest pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturers. Insurance companies. Accounting firms. Cruise lines. Oh yeah, and the United States government.

They already know what you're about to discover: that ProcessIt! really is as easy to use as we say it is. That building and managing workflows on a day-to-day basis is a snap. And, that suddenly it's possible to turn around even complicated projects in a fraction of the time of doing it any other way.

Stop talking...start watching!

But that's enough talk. See for yourself. Grab some popcorn and watch the movie (don't eat too slowly, though, or you'll have a lot left afterward).

Then, give us a call (614-884-4280) and let's discuss how we can help bring ProcessIt! to your next workflow project.

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