Teamwork Solutions is one of Lotus' best-known and most skilled application development partners. Working with Lotus Notes, Domino and other products since 1992, Teamwork Solutions is one of Lotus' oldest Business Partners.
A one-stop source for application development projects of all sizes

Custom application development is the core of our business. We build Notes, Domino, Websphere and web applications of all kinds and all levels of complexity.

Teamwork Solutions' application development services are an easy choice for all your Lotus Notes, Domino and Workplace needs.

Perhaps more importantly, we do our development quickly, at surprisingly reasonable costs.

How do we do that? Put simply, we work smarter rather than harder.

Imagine, if you will, the work that goes into building custom software applications. There are activities related to needs analysis, planning, and so on but eventually you get to the point where you need to write some code. That's where the smarts start.

You see, even though every application has its own special requirements, if you stand back a few steps and look at the big picture of what it takes to write application after application, you'll find there are a whole lot of similarities from one to the next.

In other words, a lot of the things you need in one application are things you'll need in others, too.

Things like dynamic self-building tables, date pickers for the web, means of sorting and parsing code in LotusScript and a thousand other things that support the complete application development process.

We can't build your application ahead of time, but we can build a lot of the bits and pieces it's going to need.

In fact, we already have.

Reusable tools and code

When a Teamwork Solutions designer sits down to start building your application he or she is partially done even before the first key is pressed. That's because over the years, as we've figured out new and better ways of doing things, we've taken the time to write them down. Where appropriate, we've actually built tools to help us make some of them work.

We have a dozen or more custom script libraries we regularly use in our clients' applications; database templates containing standard forms, views, agents and other components we normally use; code-generation tools that automate the writing of some regularly-used complex code; and even a Teamwork Techniques database containing over 700 tips, techniques, code snippets and actual live tools (like web tools for picking dates, getting names from the address book, etc.).

Plus, of course, we have our award-winning workflow products like ProcessIt! Workflow, and the ProcessIt! Document Library for Lotus Notes and the web which are like development tools on steroids and make complex projects go even faster.

The point of all this is to make the development process both faster and more reliable. By reusing code, reference forms, and the like, we eliminate a great deal of the work involved in actually building applications.

The end result is better work, more consistently, in less time, at a lower cost.

To learn more about how Teamwork's application development process could be working for you, please contact Steve McIntosh. He can be reached directly at 614-884-4280, or via email at sjm at

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Teamwork Solutions' innovative Lotus Notes workflow products and applications have made us two-time Beacon Award Finalists.