Teamwork Solutions is one of Lotus' best-known and most skilled application development partners. Working with Lotus Notes, Domino and other products since 1992, Teamwork Solutions is one of Lotus' oldest Business Partners.
Why you should consider Teamwork Solutions for your next project
Most computer consulting firms are made up mostly of technical people. You know, people who love computers and are good with them, but who have no "real world" experience from which to draw when designing applications

While highly technical people are an important part of this business, truly hardcore techical folks often don't understand people who don't understand computers. Consequently, they have a hard time anticipating the problems inexperienced users will have working with the programs they write.

Just as important, they seldom have the business background needed to understand which, of all the information available to them, is the information that really matters to the business.

So, they have to guess.

Although Teamwork Solutions has its share of technical people, our company is first and foremost a business consulting firm.

Teamwork SolutionsInterestingly, both of the founders of the company aren't originally computer people; they're business people who have taken the time to learn the technology and how to apply it to our clients' situations.

Scott Good, our President, has been the CEO of several multi-million-dollar printing and publishing firms in addition to owning and running a series of smaller busiensses.

Steve Branam, Executive Vice President, is a CPA who came from the consulting staff of Ernst & Whinney (now Ernst & Young) and has further experience in multi-family real estate development as well as the printing and publishing industry.

As a business consulting company we have found this "outside experience" to be a critical distinction which makes us uniquely able to deal with real people in the real world and to understand, even anticipate, the problems they're going to have. When we design and build Notes applications we apply this understanding to try to make the software as forgiving and self-directing as possible and to give people the best-possible chance of making it do what they want it to on the first try.

Because we're not just "computer-heads" we can talk to people like people and use terms they understand. And, because we understand our clients' needs from the business side, we're better prepared to design processes that make sense for their entire organizations--not just the IS departments--for today and tomorrow.

Teamwork SolutionsBy way of background, Teamwork Solutions was started in 1992 specifically for the purpose of helping large organizations take advantage of Lotus Notes. Although Lotus has nearly 20,000 Business Partners today, we were one of the first two- or three hundred worldwide. It was a pretty elite club for a while and, by getting in both early and with a complete commitment to Notes, we were able to develop a level of expertise which is truly among the best in the world.

Why build a world-class Notes capability in Columbus, Ohio? For two reasons: first, because we knew Columbus and wanted to stay here. Second, because we knew that Ohio and the midwestern United States was filled with the kinds of organizations best able to leverage the unique capabilities Notes had to offer: insurance and pharmaceutical companies, banks and investment houses, manufacturers, colleges and universities.

We have extensive experience working with all versions of Notes including the Beta (pre-release) version of the original: Release 1.0. We were testing and building applications with Notes R4.x (the current release) a year before it was actually available. We have developed sophisticated R4 applications both solely within Notes and as parts of larger implementations in conjunction with applications from Microsoft, Percussion Software, and others. In Notes releases 2, 3 and 4 we have designed, built, and installed applications using virtually all of the Lotus add-in products including:

Teamwork was one of the first companies to be honored as a Lotus Premium Business Partner, a distinction we have held since that qualification first became available in 1994. We work almost exclusively with major corporations and larger governmental organizations. As you might imagine, we have developed an extraordinary variety of applications for these clients, most of which involve workflow (automatic document routing for review and/or approval), change control, and document management functionality. Many of our engagements include connectivity between two or more organizations--clients, suppliers, etc.--and most center on workgroup productivity and information-sharing needs.

In other words, exactly the kinds of applications need to make the most of any organization's investment in Notes.

In short, we are uniquely qualified to help any organization--including yours--leverage this important and business-changing technology in a way which will be meaningful to the organization.

Teamwork Solutions
Teamwork Solutions
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