Teamwork Solutions' team has more experience with workflow tools for Lotus Notes and Domino than anyone else anywhere, period. Members of our team have built three, count 'em three, workflow tool products for Lotus Notes: QDM's Quality At Work (1989), Teamwork Solutions' ApproveIt! (1995) and of course, ProcessIt! (originally released in 1997). If you are hoping to purchase a workflow tool that's been designed to work in the real world from someone who can help you use it correctly, look no further: Teamwork Solutions is your premiere workflow consulting firm.
Why choose ProcessIt!?
A dozen reasons to choose ProcessIt! over any other workflow tool

OK, you've decided a workflow tool makes sense for you. Which do you pick? And, how do you decide? That's the tough part.

The only way to really know how a particular product will work in your organization is to load it up, learn it, build a test workflow or two and, well, test it.

Nice idea, but a lot of work.

We know it's a lot of work because we've already done it. We have installed and run copies of our primary competitors' workflow tools to help us learn what's good and bad about them.

Elsewhere on this page are links to point-by-point comparisons of ProcessIt! and its leading competitors. Below are our top 12 reasons ProcessIt! is the right tool for you:

1ProcessIt! is 100% pure Domino: there are no server add-ins, no special administrative clients and no special client or server licensing.
2It's mature code. ProcessIt! is in its seventh generation and has been pressure-tested by some of the world's-largest consumer products, automobile, chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturers.
3ProcessIt! automatically tracks and charts approval metrics both by individual users and by pre-defined process intervals.
4Even sophisticated workflows are easy to build, deploy and modify. Most workflows can be built in under an hour. Simple workflows can be built in a matter of minutes.
5ProcessIt! uses the Domino Directory--the Notes Name & Address Book--without modification. There is no need to maintain a separate directory.
6It is self-contained in a single Notes database. That means it's easy to maintain, fast and easy to replicate.
7ProcessIt! supports laptop, remote, web and disconnected users, as well as multiple servers, multiple domains, and both Notes and SMTP mail users (like, for instance, Outlook).
8It leverages the extensive security capabilities of Notes, including support for secret, or "confidential," requests in an otherwise "public" database.
9A single ProcessIt! database can contain any number of individual workflows. And, subject to licensing, you can have as many separate ProcessIt! databases as you like.
10Even within the same database, each workflow can have its own specialized security: With a few clicks of the mouse you can limit the ability to create--or even see, if you like--any specific workflow to a subset of your users.
11Over time, workflow rules change. That just how it is. ProcessIt! includes the tools you need to migrate older versions of open workflow documents to a new set of workflow rules, making updates easy.
12ProcessIt! is supported by Teamwork Solutions, one of Lotus' oldest and most-respected Business Partners. We're big enough to handle major projects but small enough to actually pick up the phone and help with questions or even development problems. Give us a buzz.

From inception to approval and then on through the entire business process, ProcessIt! gives you complete control of your workflow. No other Notes- or Domino-based workflow tool gives you the combination of power, flexibility, and ease of use you get with ProcessIt!

We guarantee it.

But don't take our word for it, see for yourself. Watch the ProcessIt! 10-minute workflow demo and find out how easy it really can be to build your own workflows.

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