Teamwork Solutions is one of Lotus' best-known and most skilled application development partners. Working with Lotus Notes, Domino and other products since 1992, Teamwork Solutions is one of Lotus' oldest Business Partners.
About Teamwork Solutions
Started specifically to help bring groupware and computerized collaboration to organizations of all sizes, Teamwork is a very interesting organization

Teamwork Solutions was one of Lotus' earliest, and remains one of their longest-term, Premiere Business Partners. We started working with Notes back in the early days when folks regularly said, "What's Notes?"

Those days are long past, but Notes and Domino remain core technologies for us. Along with the WebSphere Portal products and a wide range of complimentary technologies, Notes continues to help us leverage the power of collaboration to let businesses do more with less.

Our clients range from some of the world's largest multi-national corporations to others that are, well, that are pretty small. To all of them, and to you, we offer custom application development services of the highest order.

In addition, we have developed and sell a family of off-the-shelf applications and tools you can use to quickly and economically address such issues as getting control of paperwork, managing employee goal setting and evaluations, assigning and tracking action items, and more.

Not enough? You may be interested to know that, with publishing history which includes nearly 70 articles on Lotus Notes and Domino application development topics, Teamwork Solutions is believed to be the world's most-published organization (including IBM) on the subject. It's always a good idea to work with the pros.

Smart people building sophisticated applications & workflow tools for Lotus Notes, IBM Lotus WebSphere and the Internet
Teamwork Solutions' innovative Lotus Notes workflow products and applications have made us two-time Beacon Award Finalists.