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Web sites that look as good as they work
When it comes to web sites (and Lotus Notes applications, for that matter) making them look as good as they work is par for the course at Teamwork

"One of the things I love about you guys," we hear over and over again, "is that you not only build great applications, but you build applications that look great, too." Teamwork Solutions web application development services can let you do e-commerce from an easy-to-maintain Domino-based web site.

At Teamwork Solutions, we build terrific web sites. Sites that are interactive and self-maintaining. Sites that effortlessly handle eCommerce and eBusiness transactions. Sites that let clients and vendors work together on problems and opportunities in ways they never could before.

All of our projects, whatever their purpose, have one thing in common: they all look as great as they work.

Although easy to dismiss at first, in web sites, looks matter—even when the sites are a part of the corporate intranet and may never be seen by those outside the company. Why does it matter? Because your users, like it or not, are web users too, whether at work or at home. They know what good web sites look and work like and will expect the same from yours. Teamwork Solutions can build you a web site as beautiful as it is functional.

When your site doesn't match up to their expectations, it is immediately down-graded in user's minds. It makes them think less of the organization, it makes them less interested in being associated with it, and it makes them physically uncomfortable to use. And all of that is before they've tried to actually do anything.

Of course, the problems are even worse if the visitors are prospective customers. Unlike employees who need to do work there, customers will simply leave and go somewhere else.

On the other hand, when a site looks good people will stay there even after they've accomplished their original objective. Customers will browse for more information or to see other products. Employees will feel better both physically and emotionally and they'll think more positively of the company.Teamwork Solutions web application development services include web site design and construction for some of the largest companies in the world.

It seems like a lot to hang on the concept of "pretty pages," but the bottom line is, it really does matter.

At Teamwork Solutions, we have years of experience designing fabulous, beautiful applications—both in Lotus Notes and as web pages (Lotus Domino or otherwise). Our customers have come to know that—even without asking for it—the applications we build for them will be beautiful, professional and something they can be justly proud of.

Spread throughout this page are images of some of the web sites we've designed recently. Each has its own unique look and feel, but all are, we think you'll agree, as photogenic as they are functional. They are, in a word, beautiful.

Whether you're in the market for a whole new web site, or are just looking for a few pages for a departmental Intranet presence, give us a call at 614-884-4280. You'll be happy you did.

Teamwork Solutions web site design capabilities can even be used for proof-of-concept web site plans, like this one for an online-training system that was eventually scrapped for another concept. Building site mock-ups like this is quick and surprisingly economical.

By leveraging the web application development capabilities of Lotus Notes and Domino Teamwork Solutions can build web sites for you that are easy to maintain yet completely professional in appearance.

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