Teamwork Solutions' team has more experience with workflow tools for Lotus Notes and Domino than anyone else anywhere, period. Members of our team have built three, count 'em three, workflow tool products for Lotus Notes: QDM's Quality At Work (1989), Teamwork Solutions' ApproveIt! (1995) and of course, ProcessIt! (originally released in 1997). If you are hoping to purchase a workflow tool that's been designed to work in the real world from someone who can help you use it correctly, look no further: Teamwork Solutions is your premiere workflow consulting firm.
What does ProcessIt! cost?
Probably a lot less than you think. ProcessIt! has several licensing options to suit your needs...and you can apply initial purchases to later upgrades.

ProcessIt! is licensed in one of two ways:

1. As a single database (as defined by the database Replica ID), or

2. On an "Enterprise" basis which is defined by the number of Notes users and CALs (Client Access Licenses) within the designated Enterprise.

ProcessIt! pricing

Single database licenses
One ProcessIt! database license$7,500
One year of software maintenance (upgrades)$1,500
Special "Five Pack" License (5 for price 4)$30,000
One year of software maintenance (upgrades)$7,500
Enterprise licensing
Number of seats in the enterpriseCost for Enterprise licenseCost for 1-year software maintenance
0 to 5,000$60,000$12,000
5,001 to 20,000$120,000$24,000
20,001 to 50,000$180,000$36,000
50,001 to 100,000$240,000$48,000
More than 100,000$2.25 per seat$0.45 per seat

Discounts toward an Enterprise license

Clients who wish to try ProcessIt! on a limited basis may have their initial Single-Database license purchases applied to the cost of an Enterprise license based on the following discount schedule:

Portion of individual license costs applied to Enterprise license purchase
Time elapsed since date of Single-Database license Amount of license cost applied to Enterprise license
0 - 3 months100%
3 - 6 months66.6%
6 - 9 months33.3%
more than 9 months0%

Multiple Single-Database licenses may be applied to the purchase of an Enterprise license. Each individual license will be discounted based on the schedule above and its specific purchase date.

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