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How much of a Notes developer do I really need to be to use ProcessIt?
OK, yeah, it's easy, but how easy? What does it really take to use the tool?

We're always tempted to say "not much" when people ask what level of skill they need to have to use ProcessIt! At a minimum, you or Teamwork Solutions' ProcessIt! Workflow is simple enough to use that even entry-level developers can build useful applications that are valuable to their organizations. Experienced developers, however, can extend its capabilities to do virtually anything you can imagine. somebody has to know enough to be able to build the subform you want to route around. That's pretty basic development skills, but you'll need that.

Beyond that, it's mostly a matter of degree. Although you don't have to write code to use ProcessIt!, there are times you may want to. But even there we accommodate differing skill levels. ProcessIt! lets you write either @Formulas or LotusScript, depending on what you know and what you want to do.

As you might imagine, we use ProcessIt! for a lot of our consulting engagements. In many instances, we've had developers absolutely fresh out of college, with no prior Notes experience, build fairly sophisticated ProcessIt! workflows with very little training and very little help.

We also have clients with no Notes development experience whatsoever who maintain and update their own workflows.

So, yeah, you probably need to have some knowledge of Notes development, but it sure doesn't take much.

Having said that, an experienced Notes developer can make this product sing.

We recently completed several projects integrating ProcessIt! with SAP, PeopleSoft, DB2 and other outside systems on, in some cases, a bidirectional basis. It's done with the exact same ProcessIt! software you can buy off the shelf plus some combination of custom agents, DECS, and LEI.

Very cool stuff, but the bottom line is this: ProcessIt! is a valuable tool regardless of your skill level.

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