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The ProcessIt! WorkFinder
Finally, a single place to find all the work awaiting you from any number of Notes databases. It works from Notes, the Web--even from Web portals

Notes is one of the world's greatest platforms for building interactive, collaborative applications. So good, in fact, that after a while there can be so many applications it's hard to find the things you're actually supposed to do.

Enter the ProcessIt! WorkFinder, a solution to the problem of too many databases (and too many notifications in your e-mail). WorkFinder's easy set-up lets it coordinate with any outside Notes application to collect all of your work assignments in a single, central, place.

If you have too many places to look for work assigments in your organization's Lotus Notes databases, you need Teamwork Solutions' ProcessIt! WorkFinder. WorkFinder collects work assignments from Lotus Notes databases of all kinds (including ProcessIt! Workflow, of course) and brings them to a single central location.

Perhaps even more importantly, WorkFinder makes it possible to immediately start using your existing Notes-client-based applications from Web portals. After all, Notes has been around long enough that many organizations have invested countless man-years and, in many cases, hundreds of thousands of dollars in custom Notes applications.

Such applications can be rebuilt in other technologies, of course, but experience has shown us that recreating complex Notes applications with Java (the language of web portals) typically costs five- to 10 times more than the original development in Notes. And, it can take months--sometimes years--to fully implement.

So, unless you have unlimited resources and a huge stable of developers you'll likely need to continue with some number of Notes applications for the forseeable future.

But, with WorkFinder, you can have your cake and eat it, too..

ProcessIt! WorkFinder for Lotus Notes also works with web portals like IBM WebSphere Portal and IBM Lotus Workplace.

Just one part of the ProcessIt! family of collaborative applications, the ProcessIt! WorkFinder includes web portlets you can use to link to work in any Notes database.

WorkFinder can be configured and implemented in any of your organization's existing Notes databases in less than two hours, or in ProcessIt! Workflow databases in just a few minutes.

Once set up, everyone in the organization can quickly and easily find all pending Lotus Notes work assignments directly from the company's web portal. With a click, they can open each assignment in a browser or--if necessary--directly in the Notes client. That way, even Notes applications which aren't web-enabled can be accessed through the company's portal.

And, all of this is available to you at a cost that's amazingly reasonable.

For more information on the ProcessIt! WorkFinder or any of the other tools in the ProcessIt! family of collaborative applications (or to set up an on-line demonstration), please contact Steve McIntosh. He can be reached at 614-457-7100, extension 210, or .

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