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Teamwork Solutions' team has more experience with workflow tools for Lotus Notes and Domino than anyone else anywhere, period. Members of our team have built three, count 'em three, workflow tool products for Lotus Notes: QDM's Quality At Work (1989), Teamwork Solutions' ApproveIt! (1995) and of course, ProcessIt! (originally released in 1997). If you are hoping to purchase a workflow tool that's been designed to work in the real world from someone who can help you use it correctly, look no further: Teamwork Solutions is your premiere workflow consulting firm.
ProcessIt! Workflow for Lotus Notes & the web
The fastest, most flexible, most easily-configured Lotus Notes-based workflow tool in the world. Guaranteed.

Teamwork Solutions' ProcessIt! Workflow for Lotus Notes as seen from a web browser. Note how closely this resembles the Lotus Notes client. That helps minimize both training and support.ProcessIt! Workflow is a revolutionary tool for managing both Lotus Notes- and web-based workflows. Fast and easy to use, ProcessIt! Workflow is a powerful, flexible tool that doesn't require programming to set up or administer.

But that doesn't mean you can't do programming—you can, at almost any point in your workflow. Instead, what we mean is that, more often than not, you don't have to write code. ProcessIt! Workflow has been specifically designed to minimize, even eliminate, the need for code in most situations.

And that's why it's being used by some of the world's largest corporations to manage mission-critical business processes. Because it's simple, it's powerful, and it works. Because it doesn't take weeks or months to get ready to use (it's literally ready to go out of the box). And, because it can quickly solve real business problems.

Business managers and IT leaders choose ProcessIt! Workflow because managing workflows is so simple with ProcessIt! they, in many cases, can let end-users act as the primary administrators of their own workflows. And, because its flexibility makes it easy to integrate with outside systems like SAP, PeopleSoft and legacy systems, ProcessIt! workflows aren't limited to working only with information sourced from Domino databases.

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Teamwork Solutions' innovative Lotus Notes workflow products and applications have made us two-time Beacon Award Finalists.